Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Post-Car Accident Guidelines.

We hope that you do not require this tutorial, but most of us do at some point.  It is important to know the basic guidelines of what to do in the aftermath of an auto accident that includes potential or obvious injuries.  By following the proper steps, it could result in you and your loved ones obtaining fair compensation.

1.  Always, immediately assist the injured.
2.  If you are the one injured get medical assistance asap.
3.  Insist on a complete investigation and report filed by the police.
4.  Do NOT move your vehicle.
5.  Obtain eyewitness names and phone numbers.
6.  Report your loss ONLY to your own insurance company.

There are others, but these will give you an advantage over someone who is acting solely out of panic.  As soon as you can, please call my office.  I am Craig Mason a Spokane Washington area auto accident lawyer.  Give me a call at (509) 443-3681 and make an appointment at my office located at West 1707 Broadway.

Visit Downtown Spokane

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"A pleasant bike ride through downtown Spokane: this 9.2-mile trail runs past some of Spokane's historical sites, like Browne's Addition neighborhood and Riverfront Park."


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Property Agreements

Property agreements are commonly thought of as “pre-nuptial agreements” between people about to get married who want to protect separate property, or protect an inherited family home, from being later divided by the court as community property, if there should be a divorce.
However, property agreements can be made between spouses after marriage to clarify the status of property in the event of death of one or both spouses, as well as in case of divorce.

Also, these days, someone who has had a rough divorce will say, “I’m never getting married, so I won’t go through that again,” but then, after spending a decade with someone they did not marry, they learn that their “marriage-like” property can be divided just like community property.  Even the unmarried need property agreements.  Just refusing to get married does not prevent a subsequent battle over the distribution of property accumulated during a committed, intimate, relationship.

Most people should have a property agreement. One person who is adept at drafting a binding property agreement is Spokane family attorney Craig Mason.  Arrange an appointment at his office located at West 1707 Broadway in Spokane by calling (509) 443-3681.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Perry Street Brewing Super Bowl Party, Sunday Feb 4th

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"Perry Street Brewing is hosting its third annual Super Bowl Party. The ticketed event includes a reserved seat/table, first pint fill, tax/gratuity and the signature Super Bowl Smorgasbord, served at each table."


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The History of Prenuptial Agreements.

Historically in the State of Washington prenuptial agreements have been mostly looked at unfavorably as a matter of public policy.  Many people saw them as something that turned a sacred bond between two people as nothing more than a simple financial agreement.  That rendered them distasteful to some.

Then, things began to change in the late 60’s.  The courts slowly began to realize that for all intents and purposes a marriage IS more or less a financial agreement!  As a result, the courts began to recognize them as binding legal documents in Washington State and more and more attorneys began drafting them.

Today, the practice is common.  One person who is adept at the practice of drafting a binding prenuptial agreement is Spokane family attorney Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason remembers a time when this practice was quite rare, but now, quite common.  Arrange an appointment at his office located at West 1707 Broadway in Spokane by calling (509) 443-3681.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Child Support in the State of Washington.

Sometimes one parent is so happy to be divorced from the other parent that they agree to no child support if the other parent will “just go away.”  Since the courts will not allow parents to “contract away” the child’s right to child support, these agreements are not enforceable, and a court will rarely sign a child support order that does not have a monthly payment (a transfer payment) in it, unless the facts fully justify that result.

If you sincerely wish to have a no-transfer payment child support order, and the facts are reasonable, you will still likely need an attorney to craft that support order so that the court will sign it.

 If somehow the court did sign a no-transfer payment order that was not justified by the facts, or if the facts (incomes or child-costs) of the parents have changed, then you can get an attorney on your side to file for a modification of the child support order.

To help sort all of this out, seek out the resources of Spokane family attorney Craig Mason.  He will fight for your rights.  Give him a call at (509) 443-3681.

Spokane Holiday Events Guide

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"Discover the magic of the holidays in greater Spokane! From special events to new family traditions, Spokane has something sure to make your season all the more bright."