Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Settling your Divorce without Trial

Roughly 90 percent of family law cases settle short of trial.  There might be a large battle over initial orders – temporary orders put in place right after the divorce is filed – but then people calm down and realize what the courts are likely to do at trial.  Then, within the range of likely trial outcomes, the parties decide to save all the emotional and financial expense of trial and work out an agreement that is the basis of the “final orders” in your divorce.

In drafting the settlement agreement, you should have competent legal advice to make sure that you know your rights, so that you can fully understand the range of likely trial outcomes.  Also, an attorney can draft your agreement and final orders so that they have the legal effect you intend.

A settlement agreement is an enforceable contract.  Do not wait to get an attorney until after you have signed a settlement contract, which you now regret.

Mason Law in Spokane WA, can help you fully understand your rights, and protect your benefits of the bargain in drafting the agreement and final orders.  If you are about to begin negotiations to resolve a divorce call Mason Law today at (909) 443-3681.

Veterans Day Ceremony: Honoring Those Who Served

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The Spokane VA Medical Center is pleased to join the leadership and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 51 for the annual Veterans Day Ceremony at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena on Monday, November 11th beginning at 10:00am. Doors open at 9:00am.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Halloween in Spokane

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"Spokane in the mood for some creepy, crawly fun. Halloween frights range from finding the gnarliest pumpkin for the perfect jack-o-lantern to scare-your-pants-off haunted locales. Here is a guide to local Spokane Halloween haunts."

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall Things To Do in Spokane

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If you’re visiting Spokane in the fall, don’t miss these fabulous fall happenings!

Monday, September 30, 2019

How to Divorce Peacefully

Divorce can be a low-conflict process, especially if people keep a few things in mind.  (1) The judges are to make parenting plans in the best interests of the children, and if parents also take this viewpoint, then their views can converge on the needs of the children.  Their divergent views of each other can be set aside, and need not ever be resolved, for the marriage to be dissolved.  Everyone can move on.  (2) The judges are to make a just and equitable division of all assets and liabilities, whether the judge ultimately finds the property or debts to be community or separate property.  Parties can step back, and ask themselves:  “What would look fair to a detached stranger?”  While “wants” diverge, what truly is “just and equitable” is likely to converge.

Craig Mason is one of those attorneys in the State of Washington who can guide you realistically to resolution.  While Mr. Mason has intensely litigated cases when his client is under attack.  Mr. Mason will not be the one inciting the conflict.  He will be counseling you in your best long-run interests. If you want to avoid courtroom contentiousness, if possible to do so, call Mason Law located in Spokane at West 1707 Broadway.  What you are going through is tough enough, maybe there is a quieter, gentler solution.  Call the team at Mason Law at (509) 443-3681.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Just and Equitable Distribution

If you are considering a divorce in the state of Washington, there are three basic things to consider.  These basics apply both to the dissolution of marriages, and to the dissolution of domestic partnerships that are registered with the Evergreen state.

Here are the three:

1.  Washington is a “no fault” state…the courts do not care who was “at fault.” (Infidelity does not matter at all. Please do not try discuss it with the court.)
2.  It is also a community property state. Property gained during the marriage will be characterized as belonging to the marriage…even if one person sat eating bon-bons while the other worked, all labor done during the marriage belongs to the community.
3.  Washington is a “just and equitable” state which means property will be dispersed in a “just and equitable” way, which is not necessarily a 50/50. 

Also, Washington is among the community property states in which even separate property can be given to the other spouse, if the court determines that it is “just and equitable” to do so.

You need help in these complicated court proceedings.  Craig Mason and his team at Mason Law can help you as they have helped many others over the years.  From their office located at West 1707 Broadway in Spokane they will help present your idea of the “just and equitable” resolution to your divorce.  Give Mason Law a call today at (509) 443-3681.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019