Monday, August 31, 2020

Spokane is My Home

Beautiful Spokane and the surrounding area of Eastern Washington is where I was born and raised, with most lines of my family having homesteaded in the Davenport and Reardan areas in the 1860’s and ‘70’s, and others locating in Montana and North Idaho before 1900.

I worked my way through SFCC and EWU and then went to the University of Washington for my master’s in sociology and my J.D. with high honors and was an author and editor in the U.W. Law Review.

On top of the years of legal work I have also taught at The University of Washington, WSU-Tri-Cities, Columbia Basin Community College, Gonzaga University, and Eastern Washington University. I have seen many former students in the practice of law in the Tri-cities and Spokane.

I strive to maintain the decency and practicality of my family’s traditions in my practice of law. (My two grown children, who also exhibit these traits, give me hope that I am succeeding.)

My name is Craig Mason. I wanted you to know a bit about me before you make that call looking for the right family attorney you can trust to handle the process and navigate through the family courts of Washington State. I hope we can sit down and review your specific needs. Please call my office at W. 1707 Broadway in Spokane (509) 443-3681.


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Buy a Personal Computer to Save Money

It might sound strange that spending money will save you money, but it will.

In the “recent old days” people had a flip phone and a good computer, which meant that they used email, they could read documents easily, and they could write complete rough drafts and fill out family law forms in rough draft to be edited by attorneys.  They saved their lawyers’ time, which saved the clients’ money.  Punctuation was more common; capitalization was used, and thoughts were more complete, even in the rough drafts.

Gradually phones became ever more powerful and expensive, and people quit buying personal computers, using their phones as their only computers. Now, they might have trouble reading documents, and instead of a complete rough draft in response to the other side’s documents, numerous texts might be sent, without capitalization or punctuation as an“email” from their phones. This ends up costing the clients money, as their lawyers need more time to put together, and make presentable for the courts, what is sent.

Here is my advice:  While we at Mason Law are happy to piece together your statements, and do it all the time, we want your legal bill to be as low as possible, and time is our inventory. Time is money.  You will be money ahead in your divorce or parenting plan action to buy a low-cost personal computer, with word-processing and email capacity, and a cheap printer. Help us help you save money.  But no matter what, call Mason Law in Spokane, WA, at  (509) 443-3681 for all your family law needs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Family Law Temporary Orders

When your divorce or parenting plan case is first filed it is often nearly a year until trial.

Between filing the case and getting a final outcome by trial or agreement, there must be an interim court order to regulate financial and parenting issues.  These orders are called “temporary orders.”

Temporary order hearings are almost always on paper filings only (without testimony) and so you must prepare sworn statements of witnesses with personal knowledge of your parenting history, and file documents to give the court a snapshot of your current financial situation. Often, these statements and documents must be compiled within in only days, in a rush to a temporary order hearing.

Mason Law of Spokane can help you prepare for these hearings and follow the complex court procedures to get your position and facts before the court.  You will find them on the web at or call them at (509) 443-3681 for a consultation at their office located at West 1707 Broadway in Spokane.