Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mason Law Wishes You and Yours a Happy Holiday Season.

Christmastime is a wonderful time of year here in Spokane and Eastern Washington.  We hope that you and your family experience the joys of the holiday season.  We here at Mason Law including Craig, Lori, and his staff are looking forward to also experience the joy and beauty of December.

If you need us in 2019 we will be here for you.  The subject may be Family Law and its many topics including restraining orders, child custody, alimony, etc.  Perhaps you will need a personal injury lawyer.  If so, we will be here to serve those needs as well.  You may also note that Attorney Mason has achieved excellent results in criminal and contract law as well.

You can visit our website anytime at  Therein lies the whole story of the areas of law that we successfully practice as well as some testimonials from area residents who have used our firm over the years to get a positive resolution to their issues.  Happy Holidays from Mason Law in Spokane Washington.

The Coeur d’Alene Resort Holiday Light Show’s Journey to the North Pole Cruise.

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"It’s been called one of America’s top holiday attractions… The Coeur d’Alene Resort Holiday Light Show’s Journey to the North Pole Cruise."

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Veterans Day Ceremony

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"The Spokane VA Medical Center is pleased to join the leadership and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 51 for the annual Veterans Day Ceremony at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena on Sunday, November 11th beginning at 10:00am. Doors open at 9:00am."

Understanding Protection Orders in Washington State.

Normally when people use the term “restraining order” they are seeking a court order for protection, to prevent contact that is harassing or abusive. This is a frequently misused term. A “restraining order” is one kind of court order, but there are in fact a number of different types of protection orders used to prevent contact.

Protection orders are put in place to prevent contact between two people. Contact could entail physical or personal interaction, phone or text contact, email or social media contact, or even communication through a third party. In many cases, protection orders also involve remaining a certain distance away from someone’s home, school, or place of employment.

Protection orders in the Evergreen State can be tricky.  They must be written correctly and served properly.  To achieve that, we suggest you contact Spokane family attorney Craig Mason.  Craig and his team have written many protection orders in Washington State and will make sure that yours has every i dotted and each t crossed.  Call him for an appointment in his Spokane office at (509) 443-3681.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Haunted Houses, Spook Walks & Other Halloween Attractions in Spokane

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"Whether you're from Spokane, or you're simply visiting this Halloween Season, there are plenty of festive fun to enjoy this Halloween Season."


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Non-Parental Custody

If you live in the state of Washington, non-parental custody may be sought if the parents of the children are unavailable (e.g., in jail) or unfit (e.g., due to drug use).

So, what exactly is non-parental custody, or what is sometimes called third-party custody?  It is a legal process by which you petition the court to have the children placed in your care, by court order, where they remain until the parents come forward to prove that they are again fit parents.  

The parents may be granted visitation, supervised or simply on limited time, while you are the custodian of the parents.  Often, the parents will have to pay you child support if you seek it. Of course, most troubled parents cannot pay child support, and so the custodian of the children may not bother to seek it, but that is a reasonable decision to make with the advice of counsel.

Non-parental petitions are a complex area of family law, with may procedural hurdles, and pursuing non-parental custody requires the services of an excellent Washington State family lawyer to sort it all out for you.  In Spokane that man is Craig Mason representing Mason Law.  Please give Attorney Mason a call today to see how to navigate the issue of non-parental custody by calling (509) 443-3681.