Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Post-Car Accident Guidelines.

We hope that you do not require this tutorial, but most of us do at some point.  It is important to know the basic guidelines of what to do in the aftermath of an auto accident that includes potential or obvious injuries.  By following the proper steps, it could result in you and your loved ones obtaining fair compensation.

1.  Always, immediately assist the injured.
2.  If you are the one injured get medical assistance asap.
3.  Insist on a complete investigation and report filed by the police.
4.  Do NOT move your vehicle.
5.  Obtain eyewitness names and phone numbers.
6.  Report your loss ONLY to your own insurance company.

There are others, but these will give you an advantage over someone who is acting solely out of panic.  As soon as you can, please call my office.  I am Craig Mason a Spokane Washington area auto accident lawyer.  Give me a call at (509) 443-3681 and make an appointment at my office located at West 1707 Broadway.

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