Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Child Support in the State of Washington.

Sometimes one parent is so happy to be divorced from the other parent that they agree to no child support if the other parent will “just go away.”  Since the courts will not allow parents to “contract away” the child’s right to child support, these agreements are not enforceable, and a court will rarely sign a child support order that does not have a monthly payment (a transfer payment) in it, unless the facts fully justify that result.

If you sincerely wish to have a no-transfer payment child support order, and the facts are reasonable, you will still likely need an attorney to craft that support order so that the court will sign it.

 If somehow the court did sign a no-transfer payment order that was not justified by the facts, or if the facts (incomes or child-costs) of the parents have changed, then you can get an attorney on your side to file for a modification of the child support order.

To help sort all of this out, seek out the resources of Spokane family attorney Craig Mason.  He will fight for your rights.  Give him a call at (509) 443-3681.

Spokane Holiday Events Guide

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"Discover the magic of the holidays in greater Spokane! From special events to new family traditions, Spokane has something sure to make your season all the more bright."

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Insurance Companies are not always your Friend.

The gecko may be cute, Flo may be funny, and J.K. Simmons is one really talented actor, but the insurance companies that they represent on television are not necessarily on YOUR side.  Use logic…an insurance company makes money when you pay your bill.  They LOSE money when they pay out to compensate damages.

This simple equation is why you need to be diligent if you are injured in a collision.  An insurance representative will call and try to “quickly settle” your claim.  Their goal is to pay you quickly and to pay you less than you deserve, and to get you to settle before your injuries fully appear.  It can take one to three months before you can begin to appreciate all of your injuries – that is simply how it is, more immediate pain masks other injuries that might be less painful, but which are more debilitating.  

There is no reason to argue with the insurance companies about property or physical damage. Get represented by Spokane car accident attorney Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason will go to work for YOU, not Them, and get you every dollar to which you are entitled.  Ask Craig yourself.  Thousands of dollars could be at stake.  Arrange for a meeting at Craig’s office located at West 1707 Broadway by calling (509) 443-3681.

Third Eye Blind in Spokane, Nov 10th

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November 10, 2017
Friday   9:00 PM

The Knitting Factory Concert House

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Importance of Hiring the Right Family Law Attorney.

Your life is in turmoil and the decision on whom to hire as a family attorney is a very important one.  There are so many variables involved.  Maybe you are not married, but you want to establish the right plan for raising your kids.  Perhaps one of the parties involved has changed jobs and needs to relocate; moving the children is governed by very complex statutes.

Each side of these issues has its own version of the facts.  If you do not show up with equal intensity and proper representation you could get buried in a Washington State Family Court.  The court can only know what is in your court file.  The judges have no way to know what has not been presented to them.  The more clear, and less emotional, the factual presentation is, then the better for your case.  

Perhaps you will be too upset or anxious to clearly organize the facts the courts need for these vital decisions.  That is why people involved in divorce proceedings turn to Spokane family attorney Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason will represent your side with knowledge, energy, and above all, expertise in matters of Washington State family law.  Hire the right divorce attorney!  Arrange for a meeting at the Spokane office of Craig Mason by calling (509) 443-3681.

Things to do in Spokane

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"A vibrant city, a roaring river, a gateway to the American west. Since its first days as a rail hub, Spokane has stood as a destination city immersed in natural beauty."

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to Avoid Family Law Litigation

Many of you hear of horrible temporary orders and emotionally draining trials in divorce.  And that can happen, and Mr. Mason has fought such trials when it was absolutely necessary, and he has won more than his fair share. Except when “war” is absolutely necessary, a divorce should be seen as a diplomatic process of drafting a “peace treaty.”

Mr. Mason prefers to keep a family law case legally calm, even if the participants are emotionally hot.  It is better for the kids if the parents do not fight.  Children “feel” the heat, even if parents are trying to hide it.  It is healthier if the emotional temperature drops as soon as possible.  You will never stop being parents.  It does not “end” when the children turn 18. So, it is best to start cooperation now.

Any property to be divided is going to be divided by pretty clear legal rules. While, certainly, the judges have discretion, the usual cause of a property trial is unrealistic expectations on one side, and/or an attorney who will not quash those unreasonable expectations.

Good legal advice saves you emotional and financial resources.  Getting you to your next stage of life in good mental and financial health is a major goal of Craig Mason.  Call Mason Law today for the family law attorney you need at (509) 443-3681.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Don't Miss Willie Nelson in Airway Heights, Washington

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August 8, 2017
 Tuesday   7:30 PM
Northern Quest Casino -The Pend Oreille Pavilion

The Shelf-Life of an Ex Parte Order.

Ex Parte orders are usually temporary such as a restraining order or one for temporary custody.  In the state of Washington those orders are good for only a fortnight…14 days.  Having said that, it could still be the most excruciating two weeks of your life if you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

If you are served with an Ex Parte order, that notice of a full hearing is also served with your restraining order on the first or second page.  In most cases, you may be best served spending that time preparing for the hearing rather than just reacting to it without taking the proper legal action necessary.

If you wait until after the hearing to see an attorney that may be very detrimental to your cause.  If you have been the recipient immediately contact Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason is a Spokane area Ex Parte order defense attorney.  When you need a strong, thorough family attorney in Eastern Washington contact Craig Mason at (509) 443-3681.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Don’t Be in Such a Hurry!

Everyone seems to be in a hurry to settle a property claim after being in an accident.  Insurance companies are more than happy to do so.  Vital evidence is lost forever when this happens.  Once you accept payment the story ends and only one party is completely satisfied...guess who that is?  You’re right…the insurance company!

The insurance companies are in even more of a rush to settle your injury claim.  They "make light" of your injuries, especially "soft tissue" injuries, as if ligaments and tendons are optional!
Many injuries will not appear for months after a collision, especially if you had one injury distracting you, and as it heals up the more significant, long-term, injury will be more noticeable.

The general public would not know any better, and so generally, they accept the first offer thinking that is the only one they will ever receive.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  By hiring aggressive representation of your own you find out otherwise.

To protect yourself, you should consult Spokane property claim car accident attorney, Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason has been protecting Spokane area residents from making hasty decisions for decades and he may help you as well.  Give him a call and schedule a meeting at his office by calling (509) 443-3681.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Make Your Plans for 4th of July!

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"Check out the many ways you can watch the sky light up in red, white and blue on the 4th of July throughout the Spokane region."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Attractions and Activities to do in Spokane Washington

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Find popular attractions and activities for the family to do in Spokane, WA! 

The Proper Focus for Court on Initial Custody Hearings.

In family law court, a bad thing is that there is a lot of perjury.  Many parents want to "win" so badly that they lie under oath to try to achieve it.  A good thing is that such a lie might be the first, second, or third time that parent has told a lie to a judge or commissioner, but it is the 1000th time that the judicial officer has heard a similar lie.  And so it is harder to get away with lying than the dishonest person thinks.

However, "truth" does not exist in court, only "evidence" exists in court.  Your facts for your argument -- indeed, your "life," as it applies to your case -- is boiled down into a thin file of written documents that will be the basis for decision.  Remember, your "life," as the judge sees it, is just the file.  And so preparing your facts is what is important, and what you want are the facts to show your parenting history, your bond with your children, and your financial situation.
"Bashing" the other parent is largely useless, short of the other parent being a child-abusing heroin addict. (And it hurts you to falsely allege such a thing.)  Instead, you must present carefully supported facts that show that you have spent your life serving the best interests of your children, and that you will continue to do so. 

Attorney Mason is very experienced in helping you present what actually matters to the court decisions.  Do not get misled by animosity or attorneys who inflame it.  Keep your focus on the best interests of the children.  Call Spokane family lawyer Craig Mason for a consultation today at (509) 443-3681.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Make Your Mother's Day Plans!

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"Mothers Day is Sunday, May 14, 2017.
There are many restaurants offering Mothers Day Brunch in Spokane, WA. Local Events provides information about many of these restaurants offering Mothers Day Brunch in Spokane, WA."

Monday, May 1, 2017

Objection to Relocation.

The law of relocation is evolving in Washington State.  For over two decades, the law has assumed that once a parenting plan has originally determined “primary placement” (“custody”), then that parent with primary placement may move with the children unless the other parent can “rebut” the presumption in favor of relocation after a trial on ten statutory factors involving the relationships, education, and well-being of the child.

A parenting plan is determined by the best interests of the child, but a relocation trial must raise the concerns about the move to a higher standard to “rebut” that presumption that the parent with the most time with the child (primary parent) may move with the child.

However, these days may parents have a 50/50 parenting plan, and so most trial courts had a “relocation trial” on the 10 factors, without a presumption.  But, a recent court of appeals case said that as neither parent has the presumption in a 50/50 plan, the relocation trial must follow the rules of a normal modification (which requires a threshold finding of “adequate cause” before a modification can proceed).  This change is working its way through the system.

In other words, relocations have always been legally technical, but now, more than ever, you will want Attorney Craig Mason to lead you through this evolving legal thicket, whether you are seeking to relocate, or seeking to stop a relocation of your children.

In Eastern Washington, Craig Mason is a well-known divorce attorney who will guide you through the process of objecting to relocation.  This has an impact on the rest of your life and your kids.  Call Attorney Craig Mason today at (509) 443-3681.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mayor of Spokane declares April ‘Gonzaga University Month'

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"SPOKANE, Wash. --- Spokane Mayor David Condon declared April 2017 as “Gonzaga University Month” after the school’s men’s basketball team made it all the way to the championship game in the NCAA tournament."

Relocation after Divorce.

Even if you have had a custody arrangement that has worked for years, it is possible that the parent with primary placement has a job opportunity, or a re-marriage opportunity, that is just too good to pass up.

If you are going to move with the child, you must provide a Notice of Relocation to the other parent, and if you learn that the other parent is going to move, and you oppose the move, you must file and Objection to Relocation.

Washington courts presume that they will allow the parent with the child the majority of the time (“primary placement”) to move with the child, unless the relocation can be “rebutted” by showing harm to the child from the move. Any objection must “rebut” the presumption that the parent can move on the basis of statutory factors that address the harm to the child from removing the child from an established environment and from established relationships.

Such a life-altering step for you and your minor child needs careful thought and superb representation.  There are many and varied statutory factors that the court must consider before making such a ruling.  For many years, Craig has been representing parents in litigating the factors to allow, or to prevent, a relocation of the children. Go into court with veteran Spokane child relocation attorney Craig Mason.  Call him today at (509) 443-3681.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Make Your Easter Weekend Plans for Spokane

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"This year the Beck family brings you our annual “BIG” Friendly Family Farm FUN Easter Celebration at the Harvest House, starting Saturday April 15th, Easter Weekend!" 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hold the Phone…They are Trying to Take my Kids.

In a divorce proceeding the other side may issue an “emergency” order to seize property, children, etc.  Often these orders are issued without proper notice giving the other side virtually no time to read or respond to them.  A phone call from the ex-parte courtroom as the orders are about to be signed is not enough notice to do more than stagger into an ambush and lose!

No matter how one-sided and disreputable this may seem to claim an “emergency” when there is none, it is a fact of life. 

Emergency orders, though often abused, exist for good reasons.  Courts issue ex parte orders to “play it safe” when another party has made “hot allegations” that the other parent or partner is a danger to the person requesting the order.  “Just in case,” the courts often grant the ex parte order.

That said, there are unethical attorneys out there who will intentionally abuse “play it safe” tendency in the system and use ex parte orders to grab the children, the house, and the community funds. It is imperative that you do all you can to respond quickly.

In the face of this trauma, a professional family attorney with your interests at heart can undertake the fight on your behalf. That attorney is Spokane divorce lawyer Craig Mason.  Get a very experienced family attorney on your side today by calling 509-443-3681.

Monday, March 13, 2017

De Facto Parentage

Have you taken over the role of a parent for a child, perhaps in a marriage in which the other parent was absent or unfit, and now you are divorcing and fear losing contact with your step-children?  Or have parents simply abandoned some children with you for years, leaving you to bond with them, and now a parent has returned and wishes to end your role in the children’s lives?  You might seek a de facto parentage action.

In Washington, the four factors the court will evaluate are:

(1)  Did the biological parent or legal guardian of the child foster this parent-like relationship?
(2)  Did you and the children live together in the same household?
(3)  Did you assume the obligations of parenthood without expectation of financial compensation (ruling out most foster parents). 
(4)  Did you parent the children long enough to form a strong, bonded, dependent, and parent-like relationship?

If so, then the court may protect your rights to visitation with these children. 

For this complex matter, contact Craig Mason of Mason law at 509-443-3681 for a consultation to protect the hearts, souls and well-being of these children to whom you have given so much.

Have you made your St. Patrick's Day Plans?

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"According to legend, St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. Here in Spokane, we still have snakes, but that doesn't make us any less appreciative of the gesture he performed on behalf of our Irish brethren. After all -- whether you're Irish or not -- the country's spirit and culture is certainly worth celebrating!"

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

“He said…She said.”

When a divorce proceeding degenerates to this, it can be a sign that things have turned nasty, and the courts tend to find both parties “equally” to blame.  If the conflict gets too "hot," in reality or by allegation, the court may enter some form of “no contact” order.

In the State of Washington, there are different types of orders designed to prevent contact between two people…even if those people have lived under the same roof for years.  This can take on many and varied meanings of “contact”.

In this day and age prohibited contact can include texting, emailing, Facebook, even the old-fashioned three-way communication where you have someone speak to another person on your behalf.  People are accustomed to referring all orders preventing contact as “restraining orders”.  The type of order and who issues it will more specifically determine the restraints.

Next time, we will examine these different types of orders and their meaning.  For now, if you are served with court papers don’t dread making that call to a lawyer.  Spokane area restraining order attorney Craig Mason will take action on your behalf immediately.  Give him a call for a consultation at (509) 443-3681.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Proper Use of Your Time When Served with a Restraining Order.

When an ex-parte order is served in a divorce case the real work begins.  If you have the proper representation, then your attorney will know exactly how to prepare for the hearing which will take place in about two weeks.  How your attorney handles your case during this crucial period may ultimately affect the outcome.

As stressed-out individuals we often get caught up in responding to “temporary orders”.  These may include who gets the house, the car, who controls the bank accounts UNTIL the trial.  By the time we get around to hiring the proper family lawyer we may already be bogged down.  It takes patience and time to properly respond.

DO NOT WAIT to hire the right person!  That decision becomes easy when you discover the experience and credentials of Spokane, WA divorce attorney Craig Mason.  If your spouse was able to obtain an unjustified ex-parte restraining order Craig will handle it for you.  Call his office located at 1707 W. Broadway Ave. in Spokane at (509) 443-3681.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hiring the Right Family Attorney.

Family law often involves too much conflict and litigation, whether it is a divorce or unmarried parents establishing a parenting plan, or adjusting child support to changing incomes.  As long as the attorneys on both sides do their jobs, the court is likely to apply the statutes and case law in a very predictable way. 

If the other party begins intensely litigating to put “their” facts before the court, then you must respond with equal intensity to put your facts before the court.  As long as each side does their job getting their facts to the court, then you are right back to where you began, getting the same decision you would have gotten before the intense litigation began.

This is why so many family law clients appreciate Craig Mason as their family law attorney.  Mr. Mason seeks amicable resolution as his first approach to his cases, and he often finds creative ways to formulate agreements that meet the needs of both parties.  However, if the other party, or the opposing attorney, insist upon intense litigation and a “war over the facts,” Craig Mason will work very hard to help you present the documents and witnesses you need to make sure your side of the story is told, so that the court can make a fair decision.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quashing a Restraining Order.

Okay, so perhaps you got hit with a disturbing piece of paper to start the New Year…a restraining order.  Seriously, why now?  It does not matter when it happens, it hurts all the same.  You may feel distraught, but you are definitely NOT powerless!  It’s time to fight back and quash that restraining order.

If you act quickly in concert with a great family law attorney you can set in motion the process to quash any “no-notice” order on two-days’ notice to the other side.  Sometimes it can happen even more quickly than that, if you can get your defense together right away.  It is important to get to court BEFORE the hearing date set in the order.  For example, when an ex-parte order is served up to fourteen days before your hearing, and if you are restrained from your children, you do not want to wait that long to see them.

All of this may be overwhelming to the layman, but not to a veteran family lawyer.  The right man to call and take immediate action is Spokane restraining order attorney Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason will “go to bat for you” right away.  So do not hesitate even one day.  Call Spokane, WA family lawyer Craig Mason at (509) 443-3681.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Starting 2017 with the Right Attorney.

If you have a family legal issue on your mind as the New Year begins we know it is a heavy burden to take into 2017.  Just as marriage is a part of most lives, unfortunately divorce is also a part of about half of those lives.  Approach this situation with a fresh perspective.  Separation or divorce may be inevitable this year, and hiding your head in the sand won’t change that.

Maybe you have already encountered the first step in the process - the realization that this union is no longer best for you or your family.  You have jumped the first hurdle.  Now you must prepare for life as it will be in the months and years to come.  That cannot be done without professional representation and the right family attorney to represent you in court.

When it pertains to the divorce courts of Spokane and Eastern Washington hundreds of men and women have trusted the services of Craig Mason.  For decades this Spokane area family attorney has helped people navigate through the system to get the most favorable and fairest results possible.

Contact Craig early in the New Year to meet at his office at 1707 W. Broadway.  Call (509) 443-3681.