Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Proper Use of Your Time When Served with a Restraining Order.

When an ex-parte order is served in a divorce case the real work begins.  If you have the proper representation, then your attorney will know exactly how to prepare for the hearing which will take place in about two weeks.  How your attorney handles your case during this crucial period may ultimately affect the outcome.

As stressed-out individuals we often get caught up in responding to “temporary orders”.  These may include who gets the house, the car, who controls the bank accounts UNTIL the trial.  By the time we get around to hiring the proper family lawyer we may already be bogged down.  It takes patience and time to properly respond.

DO NOT WAIT to hire the right person!  That decision becomes easy when you discover the experience and credentials of Spokane, WA divorce attorney Craig Mason.  If your spouse was able to obtain an unjustified ex-parte restraining order Craig will handle it for you.  Call his office located at 1707 W. Broadway Ave. in Spokane at (509) 443-3681.

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