Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hiring the Right Family Attorney.

Family law often involves too much conflict and litigation, whether it is a divorce or unmarried parents establishing a parenting plan, or adjusting child support to changing incomes.  As long as the attorneys on both sides do their jobs, the court is likely to apply the statutes and case law in a very predictable way. 

If the other party begins intensely litigating to put “their” facts before the court, then you must respond with equal intensity to put your facts before the court.  As long as each side does their job getting their facts to the court, then you are right back to where you began, getting the same decision you would have gotten before the intense litigation began.

This is why so many family law clients appreciate Craig Mason as their family law attorney.  Mr. Mason seeks amicable resolution as his first approach to his cases, and he often finds creative ways to formulate agreements that meet the needs of both parties.  However, if the other party, or the opposing attorney, insist upon intense litigation and a “war over the facts,” Craig Mason will work very hard to help you present the documents and witnesses you need to make sure your side of the story is told, so that the court can make a fair decision.

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