Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Family Law Temporary Orders

When your divorce or parenting plan case is first filed it is often nearly a year until trial.

Between filing the case and getting a final outcome by trial or agreement, there must be an interim court order to regulate financial and parenting issues.  These orders are called “temporary orders.”

Temporary order hearings are almost always on paper filings only (without testimony) and so you must prepare sworn statements of witnesses with personal knowledge of your parenting history, and file documents to give the court a snapshot of your current financial situation. Often, these statements and documents must be compiled within in only days, in a rush to a temporary order hearing.

Mason Law of Spokane can help you prepare for these hearings and follow the complex court procedures to get your position and facts before the court.  You will find them on the web at or call them at (509) 443-3681 for a consultation at their office located at West 1707 Broadway in Spokane.