Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hold on…That’s my Kid too.

It happens often.  A marriage breaks up and now the kid(s) will live primarily with one of the former spouses.  Now, what happens when that divorcee wants to move out of town to pursue other interests?  Well, obviously your child will be involved in that move as well and you may become estranged from your own child.

More often than not, it is fathers who face this situation. Did you know that three out of four mothers with custody move within four years of separation or divorce?  The reasons why don’t matter so much.  They vary widely, from employment, to being closer to family, to moving in or with a new lover.

Stop…that is my kid too!  You have the right to fight against relocation of your children.  If you have ceased civil communication with your ex, then it is time to seek the advice and counsel of Spokane area family lawyer Craig Mason.  Attorney Mason has been dealing with child custody cases in Eastern Washington for decades.  Call his office right away at (509) 443-3681.


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