Wednesday, May 8, 2019

So…You Think you have Already Worked Out your Divorce.

We all hear this from time to time, something like “we pretty much have everything worked out" or "we just need some help to finish the process." At Mason Law, they hope this is true, and if it is, then Mason Law is happy to facilitate final documents.

Often, however, one spouse, relying on unenforceable statements of the other spouse, signed away property to the other, or allowed the other to take large account with significant funds in it, as “their half,” and now that spouse suddenly wants more of what remains.

Or, worse, the spouse making false promises does the same thing regarding child support or parenting arrangements, and your early agreements now put you at a disadvantage. 

Worst of all, men appear belatedly at a law office, who have completed their own divorce, with final documents; and they gave away all equity to their home in lieu of having no child support. Having been served with a modification of child support, then they learn that a promise not to pay child support is unenforceable as against public policy.  Having given away his assets, this ex-husband now faces a post-divorce demand for child support.

There are ways to protect agreements, even equity for child support agreements, but proper legal steps must be taken. Mason Law has long helped Spokane area residents navigate through the formalities and technicalities of divorce law in the State of Washington.  Call (509) 443-3681.