Monday, June 8, 2020

Violence is NEVER the Answer.

Domestic violence (“DV”) and its accusations concern spouses, romantic partners, or co-parents who engage in abusive behavior toward one another.  That may result in one person striking the other and causing a visible injury, or even causing fear of injury is often sufficient for a domestic violence order to issue, as can stalking lead to a DV order.  Charges for domestic violence often are brought against one spouse against another which may lead to divorce proceedings, or after emotions heat up during a divorce, DV can erupt.

Unfortunately, false charges of domestic violence also occur as part of a strategy in a divorce, especially around the children. The courts and lawyers can have a difficult time getting to the true facts of what has happened.  Retaining a family lawyer in divorces that stem from domestic violence is essential at your earliest opportunity to ensure that your case is thoroughly investigated and that your legal rights are protected throughout the process. The rules of evidence are looser in a DV case, as the violence is intimate, and it is very difficult to sort out the truth of domestic violence behind the closed doors of family life.

One of the very best family attorneys in Eastern Washington State is Craig Mason of Mason Law.  You can count on his staff to fight for you in a divorce proceeding that stems initially from a domestic violence charge, or in sorting out DV after your case has begun.  Contact Mason Law of Spokane immediately if you fall into this category at (509) 443-3681.