Monday, May 2, 2022

Saving Attorney Time is Saving Money

Attorneys charge most cases by the time spent.  Each minute you save our attorney is money-saved for you.

If you send a statement for your attorney to edit into a declaration, if you do not capitalize all the "i"s when you mean, "I," then that means you are paying your attorney to do it.  If you simply speak an unpunctuated free-flow of words into your phone, then a declaration that should have taken one hour to edit could take two to four, depending how hard it is to straighten out.

Here at Mason Law, we want to save clients their money, and we remind them that the more work they do on their "raw materials," then the more we can just focus on the "legal edit," and not the "English edit." Of course, we do the "English edit" as well, as needed, but we want your bill to be as reasonable as it can be.  Mason Law of Spokane, WA 509.443.3681