Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Help Your Attorney Help You

Here are some practical tips to help you get ready for a trial or a hearing.

Make sure your text messages that you might want to submit to court are black print on a white background, just like a normal document.  If you have colors on colors, after a few rounds of copying, you just have a large smear as "evidence."

Also, make sure the font is large enough to read through several generations of photocopying, and that the dates are on the text messages; having the date and time on the message helps the court keep the conversation in its proper order.

The same thing with video.  Have some verifiable date and time on your videos, and remember that court time is limited, and, if the courts allow video, they do not want to see hours of it, but only key, verified, short segments.

Here at Mason Law we are accustomed to preparing you for trial and hearings, and these tips can save you time (money) and help you present your side of the story in court. Contact Mason Law in Spokane, WA at 509-443-3681, and at www.spokaneinjuryanddivorcelaw.com.