Monday, April 1, 2019

Is the Other Parent Trying to Get "Sole Custody" of your Children?

Your family has been disrupted by divorce and the kids are caught in the middle. If you do not have really significant behavioral, drug, or problems with crimes that implicate your ability to parent, Washington courts will give you substantial time with your children, even if your soon-to-be-ex is threatening you with "taking the kids from you."  That just will not happen unless you or the courts seriously misfire.

These days the law presumes that it is in the best interests to be raised by both parents, and that is what the court will arrange, unless something goes really wrong.  Some unscrupulous attorneys will promise your angry ex-spouse that they can get "sole custody" and keep you from your children, and they will ramp up hyper-aggressive allegations against you to try to show that your presence is actually harmful to the children.

Spokane family lawyer, Craig Mason, is accustomed to pushing back against these outlandish attempts to keep you from your children, and he has years of experience in helping people like you arrange the facts and witness statements to defeat such attempts to take you out of the lives of your children.

When you hire Attorney Mason and his staff to represent you in a Washington family court you can enter with confidence that you have excellent and effective council.  Make in introductory appointment at Mason Law located at W. 1707 Broadway in Spokane WA by calling (509) 443-3681.