Thursday, August 5, 2021

What is CIR?

After people have had a bad divorce experience, they often think, "I'll never get married again."  However, they then co-habitat with someone, and are shocked to discover that they are subject to a "CIR" (committed, intimate relationship) suit upon breaking up with a person after a period of years, and the court can find that they have a "community" of sorts and distribute the property they accumulated during the relationship.

Other names for a CIR include:  "Meretricious Relationship" and "Equity Relationship."

The best way to avoid a CIR is to explicitly form a separate property agreement at the beginning of the relationship.

Here at Mason Law, we have prosecuted CIR cases, defended CIR cases, and drafted property agreements -- prenuptial, post-nuptial, and separate property agreements. We can help keep you out of trouble, or get you out of trouble once you are in it.  Craig Mason of Mason Law and staff are ready to help, in Spokane, WA and Eastern Washington generally. 509.443.3681