Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Defeat a Non-Compete.

Non-compete agreements are often imposed on you at the last moment to keep or get a job.  You don't think about it until you are fired or wish to pursue a better opportunity.  The non-compete agreements that appear to prohibit you from working for a competitor, or opening your own business, are often unenforceable in fact.

For example, your prospective new job may not even violate the terms of the non-compete that you signed years ago.  Also, many of these documents are too vague to be enforced, or they are overbroad, or they unduly limit competition.

In many different situations, a non-compete agreement may be defeated, or limited in its reach and duration.  If you live in Eastern Washington you need strong representation to protect your future.  Contact Spokane attorney Craig Mason at (509) 443-3681 today and explain your situation. 

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