Monday, May 16, 2016

What is Civil Litigation?

We have all heard of it, but very few of us have ever been a part of the civil litigation process.  Do you remember back in the 90’s?  O.J. Simpson was acquitted in a criminal trial, but found guilty in a civil proceeding.  In a civil trial an individual is being sued for damages, and the burden of proof for the claimant is just a bare majority of the evidence, rather than the criminal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.   A civil suit may include a variety of areas such as probate, personal injury, and contracts among other things.  (An auto collision suit is just one of many forms of civil litigation.)

In a civil litigation there will be an initial pleadings stage, answers and counter-claims, pretrial pleadings, the trial itself, and maybe an appeals process.  Once the initial paperwork has been filed, your representative attorney must begin the necessary process of preparing for trial, and often bringing, or resisting, other significant motions.  A civil case must be taken seriously to prevent a default judgment being entered, or to prevent you from getting an attorney after crucial evidentiary issues have been turned against you.

Spokane civil litigation attorney Craig Mason has undertaken a variety of cases over the years.  He will bring that expertise to the table in representing you in your specific civil case.  Cases such as yours require very specific research and you will need a professional civil litigator on your side.  Contact the Spokane office of Attorney Craig Mason today at (509) 443-3681.

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