Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hiring the Right Lawyer.

What if somebody you know told you that they were involved in a nasty divorce, but they found a family lawyer who “turned a nightmare into something positive”?  And what if they went on to tell you that this attorney will do anything within his power to help?  And then that friend of yours told you this particular divorce attorney was, in her words “100% amazing”!

Now let’s switch scenarios.  You are talking to this guy and he tells you that he was facing a trial date in the very near future and suddenly was left without an attorney.  And this guy tells you there was an attorney that not only took the case on short notice, but busted his tail to get up to speed on the case showing compassion for his situation.

All this and much more have been said about Spokane family and injury attorney Craig Mason.  He REALLY treats each of his clients with care and compassion.  In one sense we hope you never have to find out, but if you find yourself embroiled in a personal injury case or an impending divorce please call Attorney Craig Mason immediately at (509) 443-3681.

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