Friday, July 1, 2016

Pedestrians and Cell Phones.

Have you ever seen the TV show “The Walking Dead?”  Pedestrians all over the Spokane area can look like zombies as they stagger aimlessly down the general vicinity of the sidewalk, while staring down at their cell phones.  Certainly everybody knows about distracted driving.  A half-million people a year are injured in this country due to texting and talking while driving.  But what about distracted walking?

Here is a statistic that may surprise you.  At any given moment in this country, 60 percent of all walkers are engaged with their cell phones!  This coming 4th of July weekend reminds us that our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves, seeing this revolution of communication without social interaction, and of people walking without surveying their surroundings.

The phone-staring zombies have been called “digital deadwalkers.”  And not just teens and children are lost in their phones while walking.  People of every age are guilty of “deadwalking.”

An accident, between an auto and a pedestrian using a cell phone, will likely be more complicated than that of a collision between two vehicle drivers.  If this unfortunate event happens to you, please call Spokane auto accident attorney Craig Mason.  Take the time to explain your particular situation at (509) 443-3681, and make an appointment at his Spokane office located at West 1707 Broadway.

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