Monday, August 15, 2016

Fighting a Restraining Order.

It may come out of the blue.  Suddenly you are served with a Civil Restraining Order under the dissolution of marriage in the State of Washington, or you are served with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.  The opposing party can get an “ex parte” order (without advance notice to you) that is valid for up to two weeks until the hearing on the merits.

If the allegations against you are “hot” enough, the court will “play it safe” and issue the order giving the other party the home and the children until the hearing.

Obviously, these orders exist in the law to appropriately keep the peace or to prevent domestic violence.  However, an unethical attorney or pro se party will start a divorce with “hot” false allegations so that they can grab the children and the home, and put you off balance heading into the initial hearing in the case that sets temporary orders between the beginning of the divorce and its termination by trial or settlement.

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