Monday, August 1, 2016

Protecting the Children During a Divorce.

In a divorce, unfortunately, the parents can quarrel over the children, and sometimes a party who was not involved with the children during the marriage falsely claims to have been the “primary parent” as a tactic in litigation. 

The statutes look to who has performed “parenting functions” during the marriage. To determine the “primary parent,” the court will look to: (a) who maintained consistent, loving and stable relationships with the children, focused on nurturing them; (b) who attended to the daily needs of the children, from feeding and supervising the children, to taking them to the doctor and daycare, to things like helping them brush their teeth each night; (c) who showed concern for the proper education of the child; (d) who helped the children learn to socially interact in age-appropriate ways; (e) who showed consistent concern for the children’s welfare; and (f) who undertook the labor to support the child.

Remember, the only facts before the court are the facts you (and your attorney) bring to the court.  You will want to gather sworn statements from witnesses who have seen you perform these parenting functions.

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