Thursday, September 15, 2016

Know your Attorney.

If you have NO preconceived notion of whom to hire to defend you in a personal injury or family law case wouldn’t it be nice to already KNOW your attorney.  In Spokane the choices are many and varied.  If you get improper representation in your P.I. or divorce case your world could be changed forever.  Know your Spokane attorney BEFORE you hire him!

Look at some of the reviews that have been bestowed on Craig Mason.  “Craig took a case that others said I would get crushed in…not only did we NOT get crushed…we won”.   Eight different Spokane area law firms passed on one of Craig’s clients, but HE took the medical malpractice case and triumphed over a battery of lawyers.  Yet another said “Craig got my children back under very hostile circumstances”.

These reviews are real and the results are “in the books”.  You need to know that the person and firm going into battle for you is a winner!  Trust Spokane personal injury and family law attorney Craig Mason to get you everything that you are entitled to.  Call him today to arrange for a consultation at his Spokane office at (509) 443-3681.

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