Monday, October 3, 2016

You vs. The Insurance Company.

So you are unfortunately the victim of an auto accident that was not your fault.  Now you have to go to battle with Goliath…the insurance companies of North America.  Where do you think they get all of that money for those TV commercials?  First of all, make sure that you call YOUR insurance agent as soon as you can.  It is important to understand exactly what your insurance covers. 

Whenever you talk to an insurance agent take careful notes, even record the conversations if possible.  Check to see if you have coverage with more than one insurance provider through your homeowner’s policy or from signing up for a credit card.  Keep receipts and careful records of any expenses that you incur from pursuing your rightful claim.

When dealing with the big boys with the deep pockets it is important to have a tenacious representative on your side.  That man is Spokane, WA car accident and family law attorney Craig Mason.  He will aggressively fight for get everything that you are entitled to.  Call him today to arrange for a free consultation at his Spokane office at (509) 443-3681.

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